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1) You'll instantly receive my entire new 2011 Crude Awakening Countdown Library which includes my five new FREE gift reports...

FREE REPORT #1: Crude Awakening: How to Survive the Total Global Energy Crunch 2011 Iran's race for nukes is just the beginning — brace yourself with these three protective money moves as the upstart forces of Islam collide in a brand new, all-out OIL war!

FREE REPORT #2: Bullion and Beyond: Ultimate Wealth Protection Against The Coming Dollar Collapse With near-zero interest rates and trillion-dollar cash injections, there's no way Washington can fend off the crushing wave of inflation ahead. But there IS a way you can protect yourself, with these nine powerful metal moves!

FREE REPORT #3: Deepwater Crude Bonanza: Four Ways to Get Rich on the New Oil Frontier At last, how to safely tap triple-digit gains thanks to the biggest energy breakthrough in 100 years — a monster oil find, possibly one of the biggest in history, over 240 miles off the coast of Brazil and five miles underwater!

FREE REPORT #4: China's Next Big Crisis: Two Ways to Get Rich... As Shanghai Goes Dark! With just two stocks you could get rich — as China's biggest cities go dark. How so? China faces a desperate electricity blackout... unless they follow through on their new and massive plan to triple their use of nuclear power. And these two related stocks are already moving on the news!

FREE REPORT #5:"Tight Gas" and High Yields: The Energy Breakthrough That Can Pay You Double-Digit DividendsWhat my readers and I love about this fifth just added move is not only how it lets you see gains on the brand new energy breakthroughs in "tight gas" — but also the regular double-digit income you can collect!

That's $245 worth of gift reports in your FREE library, and
you'll start out immediately by getting all those extra opportunities
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You'll also get...
FREE BONUS #6: Every Week, Get Even More Market Moves and Opportunity Alerts, ALSO FREE with Your Trial Subscription — Between issues, I'll also rush you brand new opportunity alerts and updates every week — yours FREE.

FREE BONUS #7: Your 100% Private Password to Our Hidden Website: You'll immediately get a private password, so you can unlock all the subscriber-only benefits on the Outstanding Investments private website — from a full library of even more reports, to archived and current issues, all the alerts, and our regularly updated portfolio, included with your subscription.

FREE BONUS #8: Yours FREE, One of the World's Most Popular and Well-Written Market Dailies — Praised by the New York Times and Money MagazineEvery day, I'd also love to send you The Daily Reckoning — if you're not getting it already — which now has over 350,000 readers worldwide, yours FREE.

FREE BONUS #9: Worth $495 — But Also Yours FREE — Our "Executives Only" Resource — Our Agora Financial Executive Series letter, the daily 5 Min. Forecast market report, is available by invitation only to loyal subscribers — and now you'll also gain free and instant access, the moment you agree to try my research letter.

That's nine free gifts altogether — including the library of reports that are yours to keepthe moment you sign on for either 12 or 24 issues of Outstanding Investments.

Your Bonus 10th Gift!

The "Slingshot Option": An Extremely Easy Way to Triple Your Gains on Gold

Simply complete the secure and private order form below or call us to talk to a live member services representative, toll free at 1-877-248-1240. And remember, even the paid portion of your trial subscription is backed with a 100%  "Cancel Anytime, Keep Everything" Lifetime Guarantee.

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This "auto-renew" feature does not obligate you in any way. You will still have the entire length of your trial subscription to review Outstanding Investments, risk free. No debit cards, please.

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