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They’re in everything. All products, including - computers and mobile devices - food and clothing - homes and appliances contain them. But have you ever thought about investing in them? I’m talking about Resources and Commodities. Did you know that it’s easy to invest in oil, copper, aluminum, corn and wheat? Of course you’ve heard about gold, but did you know silver is more than just a precious metal, it's also an industrial commodity.

Tech stocks get all of the mainstream attention, however, the real investing story is in commodities. Take silver for example. Because of silver’s outstanding electrical conductivity, the demand for silver has exploded with the growth of plasma TVs and mobile phones. While typical analysts argue about which new mobile device will be the next big thing, you could be investing in the resources that are embedded in all of the hottest electronics.

Since 2001, the Editors of Outstanding Investments have helped Readers navigate volatile markets by uncovering an international company that produces hydrocarbons for plastics, polymers, and chemicals – a forestry company that grows and harvest trees for lumber and building materials – and a company that manufactures water infrastructure and water flow control products.

The Outstanding Investments Newsletter shows you which resources, industries, and companies stand to benefit the most from rising commodity demand. With China, India, and Brazil rapidly consuming more commodities every quarter, there has never been a better time to become a resource investor.

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FREE REPORT #1: The Coming “Energy Tech” Revolution: 6 New Ways to Invest in Energy Tech.

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"After reading pages and pages of your past commentaries I have learned more from your company in a few days than from any other source. And I have spent 6 hours every day studying the markets for the past 16 months!" - D. Sanders

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