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Dear Reader,

Today I’d like to personally invite you to be among the very first readers to upgrade to “gold level” membership status to the Laissez Faire Club.

As you’ll soon see, your new “gold level” membership comes with a few exciting and brand-new benefits we’ll be offering. Each benefit is designed to improve your life in new ways. But here’s the rub…

To my knowledge, many of these new benefits have never been attempted before by a publishing company. Although we’re hard at work developing them, some of these benefits may not be perfected by the time you begin receiving them.

But today, if you agree to help me in beta testing them… I’m willing to give you the lowest upfront price we’ll ever offer to our “gold level” membership in exchange.

In short, I urge you to read and consider this offer carefully, as it’s one that may not be repeated.

So let’s quickly go through all the benefits that come with elevated membership status. That way you’ll have all the information to decide if this upgrade is right for you.

First, you’ll receive access to everything that you’re already receiving with your silver-level membership-- the beautiful Economics in One Library set that was shipped directly to your doorstep, access to the growing digital e-book library, a brand-new e-book each and every Friday, and full “live” access to the private Laissez Faire community.

You’ll also receive some important and exclusive new benefits we’re soon rolling out...

For example, upgrading to gold membership grants you access tomultimedia e-books (we’re working to release the first book by this month!). These books contain everything you need in one simple and interactive place.

You get the high quality digital e-book experience you expect. Then you also get video commentary and audio notes that are directly imbedded in the e-book, bringing to life a whole new way to experience the ideas. When they’re ready, these multimedia e-books will be a gold member exclusive.

Next, as a gold member, you’ll be able to enjoy audio books of classic Laissez Faire catalog items. We recently published our second audiobook… and you’ll get access the moment you upgrade to a Gold Club membership.

Download these to your computer and listen as you surf the Web. Rip these books directly to an iPod or MP3 player to listen on the go. Burn them to a CD to enjoy during long car rides or work commutes. They’re yours to do whatever you want, in a convenient and portable audio format.

You’ll also be added to our Washington Whisper email alert list. Whenever we hear word of a new law or economic event that’s set to put the boot of big government on our throats, we’ll immediately rush you an alert. To pull this off, we enlisted an "insider" with contacts and research that can’t be duplicated. For reasons you can probably understand, this insider wishes to stay anonymous. So although we can't name our contact, the big benefit remains -- being alerted early is crucial to preparing for whatever the “do-gooders” thrust upon us.

And it’s not just the threats you’ll be alerted to... we’ll also be offering solutions and workarounds whenever we can. These alerts are the best way we could think of to ensure you always have the most up-to-the-minute information. Take these “Washington Whisper” alerts for a test-drive yourself when you agree to upgrade your membership to gold-level status today.

Finally, we have what I believe to be the most exciting part of gold-level membership -- access to the Laissez Faire University.

Starting next month we’ll be holding online and interactive live virtual lectures. In these events, you’ll be able to listen, learn and ask questions of some of the world’s leading thinkers. This is your chance to ask questions to people on the front lines of the liberty, freedom and wealth protection movements.

One thing to note… while we can’t ever offer personalized investment advice, we can help you better understand today’s most pressing topics. When the first one is ready, we’re planning on charging upward of $100 to attend. But when you upgrade through this one-time offer today, these events are free… for as long as you retain your membership.

How much is this one-time-only-offer to upgrade to gold-level membership? Before I show you, let me cover one more benefit that makes upgrading today a real no-brainer...

As you may remember, your silver level membership comes with a 20% discount off any and all printed books in our catalog. Considering that we currently stock over 600 titles, the savings could be massive. But for gold members, it’s even better. Your gold-level membership allows you DOUBLE the discount. That means you’ll be able to take 40% off any printed book you like. There’s no limit on when or how many times you can use this discount. I fully expect many gold-level members to save $300, $400... even $500 this coming year.

feature table

Gold-level membership, by the way, will cost $500 per year when all of the features are “live” next month. But throughthis offer only,you’ll be able to claim35% OFF -- just $325 per year.

Better yet, since gold-level membership includes everything in your silver-level membership, you’ll no longer have to pay the monthly or annual silver membership fee you’re paying.

Said a different way, your one charge today upgrades you to the highest level of membership. One that includes everything we currently offer in the gold–level membership.

Why so cheap?

As I showed you earlier, we’re still hard at work at a few of these benefits. The multimedia books and Laissez Faire University are not planned for full rollout until next month. So in theory, I’m asking for you to beta test these rollouts for us in real-time. In exchange for your help in perfecting these benefits, I’m offering you this special, one-time-only offer.

But I’ll say it again -- this is an offer that may not ever be repeated. Soon you’ll see gold-level membership 35% higher than you can claim it today.

If you’re interested in upgrading to the gold-level status of The Laissez Faire Club at 35%-OFF, simply complete the secure order form below.

In turn, we will not only add you to our real-time “Washington Whisper” alerts, but I’ll rush you everything we promised above. Then you’ll have all the additional benefits when we begin rolling them out soon.

No matter if you choose to upgrade from “silver” to “gold” level status today, I’d like to thank you for your loyalty and support… and for considering this offer carefully.


Addison Wiggin
President, Laissez Faire Club

When you upgrade to the gold-level of the Laissez Faire Club your credit card will be billed $325 today. Then each year we will automatically renew your card at $325, the lowest rate we currently offer until you ask us to stop.

And don’t worry: this "auto-renew" benefit does not obligate you in any way. You will still have the next four (4) weeks to review the gold level of Laissez Faire Club risk- free, and you may cancel at any time. No debit cards, please.

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