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Free, High-Quality e-books Released Every Other Week:

Every other week you get a new e-book that you can access from your laptop, e-reader, smartphone or desktop. Plus, immediately after joining you'll get access to our entire e-book library that has over 50 titles – and growing -- on economics, investing, free markets and more. When you read just 10% of these books and you’ll be the smartest person on your block.

12-Minute Executive Summaries:

As soon as you become a member, you also start getting full delivery of our 12-Minute Executive Summaries. Each quick summary gives you a brilliant “drill-down” of the most important ideas in every book. In minutes, you’ll get all the author’s key points... saving you hours of reading time.

You’ll have everything you need to discuss any one of these topics... knowledgeably and with full confidence... with any of your smartest friends or fellow Club members.

What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know series:

In an ongoing report series, we expose the secrets government officials don’t want you to know. Like what’s wrong with your money… how to become virtually invisible to the NSA… ways to save thousands in taxes each year… or the secret behind the new health care laws that could cost you thousands of dollars per year. This report series alone could be worth a lifetime of membership dues. In upcoming reports we’ll cover hot topics like retiring safely and truly independent and healthy living.

Private Community to Share Ideas and Learn from Club Members:

Get connected with fellow members in business, finance and the world of ideas. Leverage hundreds of years of experience as you learn, discuss, socialize and share and pass ideas back and forth on our member-only forum.

Member Discounts:

Plus, as a Club member you'll save a boatload of money on every printed book in the Laissez Faire catalog, with a 20% discount on all 400-plus titles.

New Member Bonus – the Laissez Faire Library:

Once you become a member, you'll immediately receive the full Laissez Faire Library box set of essential classics, including brand-new editions of The Essentials of Economics by Faustino Ballve... The Law by Frederic Bastiat... A Bubble That Broke the World by Garet Garrett… and F.A. Hayek's masterpiece, A Tiger by the Tail. Each of these classics provides insights worth much more than a year’s membership in the Club. A set will be mailed to you free when you become a member today.

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