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__YES! Chris, I know Washington and Wall Street don’t give a damn about me, and I’m convinced they’ll destroy the dollar through inflation, raiding my savings to fill their own coffers. The Retirement Meltdown is real, and it’s refreshing to see someone with the guts to say so.

With that in mind, it’s worth my time to at least try out your 100% independent research, risk-free for one full year, as I have nothing to lose by doing so. Here’s everything I get when I act right now…

  • 12 Issues of Capital & Crisis — Every month you’ll send me a brand new issue of your newsletter, Capital & Crisis. Inside I get actionable ideas and stock recommendations to grow my wealth as this inflationary crisis unfolds.
  • Research Report #1, The Most Important Asset to Own During the Coming Inflation Crisis No matter what happens, people will still have to eat. So even if you’re dead wrong about inflation Chris, this heavily discounted farmland gives me the opportunity for stellar gains either way.
  • Research Report #2, Chris Mayer’s Gold & Silver Buyer’s Guide — I look forward to discovering new, little-known secrets for buying the world’s most stable currencies (gold & silver), including a little-known way to own precious metals.
  • Research Report #3, TWO Inflation Fighting Stocks to Own Right Now If the gains you’ve delivered in the past are any indication, then I expect to see solid returns from these two inflation fighting plays.
  • Research Report #4, The Crisis Millionaire’s Club — Inside my fourth FREE report you’ll share 21 PROVEN wealth-building secrets from 4 market masters of the Great Depression and its inflationary aftermath.
  • Research Report #5, CODE — Next you’ll reveal your proven four-step stocking picking formula, it’s so successful, readers of Capital & Crisis have not seen a losing year since 2005!
  • The 5 Min. Forecast — When I act right now, I’ll also receive a FREE subscription to the 5 Min. Forecast, a convenient, independent summary of the day’s economic and political news.
  • Daily Reckoning — Plus, when I act right now you'll also give me a FREE subscription to the Daily Reckoning, one of the most respected and well read market dailies in the world!

Your Retirement Salvation Tool-Kit (including five FREE research reports, which I get access to in the next few minutes) alone is easily worth way more than what I pay for a yearlong subscription to Capital & Crisis. So this offer is a no-brainer. On top of everything, you shoulder all the risk…


I understand I subscribe to Capital & Crisis today 100% risk-free for one full year. If your newsletter isn’t everything you’ve promised and more, I can call to claim a FULL REFUND of my subscription fee for one year. No questions! No hassle! And I still keep my five FREE research reports.

Taking all this into account, I am urgently filling out the fast-response, zero risk acceptance form below now. The alternative is I do nothing and watch helplessly as my retirement is wiped out…

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